Frequently asked questions

What sort of space should I provide?

We ask you provide a space that is comfortable for party goers to sit and watch the experiments. We recommend a large dining table or kitchen island.

How are the parties set up?

All the set up will be taken care of once we arrive. Experiments are set up as close to partygoers as possible to ensure everyone gets a chance to see!

Do I need to provide any materials or safety gear?

All materials are provided by Mighty Molecules! None of our experiments require the kids to wear safety gear, but feel free to add to the atmosphere with whatever fun additions you'd like.

What kind of mess is involved with a Mighty Molecules party?

Mighty Molecules strives to be as mess free as possible! Tableclothes and paper towels are on hand to swiftly take care of any small spills.

What time does the scientist arrive?

The scientist should arrive around 30 mins before the party time to setup and say fellow to the junior scientists! They are happy to set up while partygoers do other activities.

How far in advance should I book a party?

We recommend you book a party 1-2 months or more in advance to ensure you get the exact date you are looking for.

Can I book a "party" for a non-birthday event?

Of course! We do daycares, camps, family fun days, weddings and more! If you aren't sure the best options for your event, contact us and we will work something out.